Drawing Portfolios

  The f0llowing portfolios are a collection of drawings and sketches
mostly from college days, from required life drawing classes and
drawings done simply for practice. A number of my successful drawings
from that period were either sold or given to friends and I have little
or no photographic or provenance records for them, but what I have
left of my drawings from those heady art school days I felt were worth
archiving into portfolios.
  All the drawings and sketches were done very large, on sheets of
30"x 42" or 24"x 36" paper [+/-] purchased from the university's
printing department.
   Like many other artists I learned to use and practice with many
traditional drawing media including: Nupastel, pastel, charcoal, ink,
silverpoint, graphite and crayons. Also using watercolor and gouache
washes as a sketching medium. 

(The portfolios might take a few seconds to load. thanks for your patience.)
Portfolio I. Drawings and sketches from life.

Portfolio II. Life drawings, various models.

Portfolio III. Drawings of dancers from life.

Portfolio IV. Very quick sketches from life.